Ultrasounds at KKH subsidised for GD patients

I am wondering if KKH does ultrasounds for visits at week 32. My growth scan was done at week 28, baby was progressing well then. I was diagnosed with GD and I have been keeping to a strict diet. My weight dropped by 3kg in the past 3 weeks since the diet and I am concerned about my baby weight and whether he's getting enough nutrients. My overall weight gain since start of pregnancy till now is only 3.3kg. I wonder if any mummies can share their experience?

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im also a GD and sub patient in KKH, i got a growth scan during my 35 weeks with a follow up appt w gyane.. throughout my pregnancy i lost abt 5 to 6 kg and nv gain until now.. but baby was fine and gaining weight. lol dont worry mummy u and baby will be fine de 😇

At 32 weeks check when you are having doctor's consultation maybe you can speak with your doctor and perhaps call appt line to request for an ultrasound, subject to availability of slot. Try to get on same day. So after AMC, you can go for doctor's consultation.