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Hi would like to hear from other mummies who are also working shifts about what they think. My baby starting to get separation anxiety just when i about to go back work. Was thinking whether to request for office hours for the time being to let the baby settle in, don't wish to miss out the moment she needed me most. Any advice?

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If you are first time mum and would like to see the precious moment of growing up, then would suggest for switch. Meaning, having you to discuss with your superior/management. Alternatively, if this is not possible, then career switch. After all it depends on you, your spouse and company to make the decision. I use to be hotelier, got pregnant I did a switch to working hours and then I set an agreement that after ML, schedule has to be the same. I dont do any night shift. I also have to end work latest by 8pm/9pm. Whereas coming in to work has to be at 12pm. And I will give and take with colleague where necessary. Why this timing? So i get to settle my child before going work and by the time i'm home if she's not asleep, i can play with her. Alternatively, on my off day or weekend will be my whole entire day with her.

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