Sad but normal ?

Guys! I’m about to start work after so long a proper job after giving birth & my babygirl is 8 month old. I am working shift as that is my only background. From 9-9pm , shift work might be 9-6pm or 2-9pm sometimes only it requires for 12 hr shift as the procedure might take longer so i have no choice but to OT. I am going to proceed to buy a house end of this year or maybe before next year April. Is it okay for me a mama to work long hours? Or is it bad to leave your baby. As she will be in sch , my sister in law will be fetching her and go to my inlaws place. As both my inlaws have no problem and always been supportive to help me out with my baby as they know we want to work as well to live comfortably for our kids and babies future. But am i or should i feel bad for working those hours? Should i not work? Sorry guys. I have been feeling guilty the pass few days. But this job is the best as it pays me very well. I feel so sad because i am scared my baby don’t recognise me as her mama nor want to be with me. Or worst feel like i am not taking care of her enough. 🥺

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as long as you are free, make up the time to bond w her. Its part of adulthood, dont blame yourself for it.