Mental leap 3: Baby refuses to drink

Hi all, anyone has experienced baby going through Mental Leap 3 (12 weeks old) and refusing to drink at all? It is challenging to get her to even take 30ml per feed (every 3 hrs) And she doesnt cry for milk, but cries when I try to make her take more. What should I do? I am worried about her milk intake.

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Super Mum

Don’t worry. It’s a nursing strike. Babies are very smart and they won’t let themselves starve. It is a phase which will pass soon. Do try to initiate lots of skin to skin contact too.

1y ago

Ok that is comforting. She cries even when I put her in feeding position. Thank you!

It’s normal.. mine will drink but will have ALOT of leftover 💸 but it will get better! Don’t worry too much 😊

1y ago

I was concerned as she had 2 thirds of her total amount yesterday. Already she is drinking less than other babies her age.