Nursing Mum Travelling Without BB.

Hi, is there any nursing Mum here who has travelled overseas for a period of at least 9 days without baby and still wanna express milk and bring back to sg? How do you transport your stash of milk bags?

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I travelled for a week. I kept them at room temperature, and at the end of the day, I passed them to the hotel reception to help me freeze them. They very kindly helped me packed into a ice box, and I asked the airline (SQ) to help me store the ice box when I flew back.

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Tk u for sharing :)

Too complicated and might end up compromising handling of the milk so I would say pump & dump just to keep flow going and avoid engorgement.

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I'd pump and dump the first few days of milk, then o my bring the last batches home

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Don't think possible. U need to have fridge to store the milk. Cooler bag too