Pubic Hair

Is there a need to shave/wax before birth? Does it applies to natural birth also?

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I think it depends on gynae. Mine asked me to shave when I went for my 37th week appointment. But when I went for natural delivery, the nurse shaved again.

No, they will check the pubic hair before labour so if you need to shave then they will shave for me. For me, I didn't need to shave.

I had natural birth and no need to shave but i trimmed a little bit so it looks presentable.

First labor nurse helped to shave. Second labor nurse did not help. *shrugs*

shave so it's easier for gynae during delivery for natural birth


I did I feel weird other ppl do for me haha

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Yup. If nt they will shave it for you

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The nurse helps to trim a bit for me

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The nurses will shave for you!

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They will shave for u