FTS,Oscar, NIPT?

Are there any mummies who chose not to do any of these tests after first trimester? Or is it very highly recommended to do so even if both parents are young and healthy ?

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Yes me! Recommended for every age parents. I am already in my mid 30s but husband & I decided not to do it. Mainly because I have anxiety issues (excessive worries). We only did the nuchal translucency scan which came out normal & nasal bone seen but gynae said not 100% accurate.

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It's recommended to do these tests although it's still a personal decision, depends on your financial situation as well since they're not cheap. For me I want to be better informed and have peace of mind, if not I will keep worrying about what the baby will turn out like.

I didn’t do any of these tests as well. Reason because I’m not above 35 and both husband and I doesn’t have family history. Even though there might be risk but we trust that baby will be fine from all the scans we did. And no matter what we’ll still keep the baby.

I did not do any of these tests. Only had the NT scan (nuchal translucency) which was about 1.5 for my baby. It's considered low risk but only 60% accurate I think? If you are intending to keep the baby no matter what, it's fine to skip the tests.

depends on personal. I done NIPT test. Its a non invansive procedure. To have a peace of mind and better preparation if something happened to the bb.. because taking care of BB with special needs need more financial,mental preparation.

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If you are intending to keep the baby regardless of the outcome, you can skip it and save the money. For me I just follow what the doctor recommends

I didnt do any for both my pregnancies as my husband and i hv no risks or health history and wasnt suggested by my gynae to do so.

We’re both 28 and didn’t do any test. FA scan shows baby is fine during week 20.

I didnt do any of the tests. I'm near 30, baby came out well