Hi there, any mummies had unexplained spotting during pregnancy? I'm currently week 27 and had been spotting for a week.. Gynae has checked everything and all are normal.. my placenta is high, baby is ok, did swab test for possible infection down there but is negative..

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Me. I'm experiencing on off spotting and light bleeding since wk 29 till now. Been taking progesterone injections, duphaston and nifedipine. Also put on hospitalization leave for bedrest 3 wks. My placenta is not low but a part of it is 3cm from cervix and doc says tats the most likely cause but in most cases it shouldn't cause this. Anyway doc thinks baby might come earlier. 😔

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Did you inform your gynae about the spotting. Please note of its heavy or light. Light spotting is usually okay. Nevertheless it's better to be on the safer side.

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heavy spotting? or light spotting? did gynae give you any meds for the spotting? i do know some friends who had spotting the entire pregnancy

Some friends I know had spotting and there wasn't any other problems.

If check up everything is ok then shld be fine. Keep on observe