Is spotting during 4th-5th week is really normal?

Hi all. I'm currently at my 4th - 5th week of pregnancy and experiencing light brown spotting and mild cramp like those you had during menses. I consulted a doctor about other unrelated matters, doc advise spotting and cramp is not normal in an early pregnancy. Is it?? #1stimemom #pregnancy #advicepls #firstbaby #pleasehelp #bantusharing

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I had same spotting up till week 6. Doc said it is normal as long as you dont feel tremendous cramping (a little cramp is normal too!). When I bled alot in week 5, doc gave me hormone pills to so call "strengthen my uterus" and support baby. So not to worry, mummy! Rest well in bed as much as you can during this first tri 😊

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i spotted very light brown and doc said it was okay. he said that cramp is not okay. tightness is okay as the uterus is expanding. please consult ur gynae okay :)

hi there! just wanted to check - i am feeling the same too in my 4th-5th week now. have not been able to make appointment to see a gynae.. a bit worried

a usual misconception.. please note it is common but not normal. go and see a gynae and get it checked.

Please take care! Rest in bed as much as possible! My gynae prescribed progesterone for me previously.


I would check with the gynae and if the advice is normal, it should be fine