Thanks to a mummy here asking abt skipping of milestones. I wonder if some babies will skip FLIPPING den move on to crawling/walking? My baby hasnt flipped yet but loves to sit upright alrdy..!

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Hi there. Some babies do sip milestones or it can just appear in a slightly mixed up version. I personally don't think that baby will be able to skip flipping and go on to crawling and walking because baby needs to from living down position, turn somewhat onto tummy time then can crawl right? Maybe baby may not enjoy the flipping so much (and flip/roll all over the house) so it willl be a v transient phase but i guess flipping is one skill they need?

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Aeryn, yes yes! Its not exactly skipping a mile stone. Milestones for each baby is different. Those out there are merely guid2based on the majority. However i have not heard of babies who did not flip and started crawling.

Give your baby as much tummy time as possible so that baby can gain muscles needed for flipping. At sitting position, he's unable to practise and use those muscles for flipping.

Agree with jinhui that flipping is an important milestone because it is the foundation to other milestones unlike skipping crawling