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Hi my baby is 5mo & she doesnt like it when we do tummy time. Tried to distract her with toys even wet wipes she will only last for a few seconds and starts crying and shows that she’s uncomfortable. I tried to teach her to turn her head to side if she’s tired but she resists. She doesnt ahow any interest or attempts to roll or flip. She only love to stand and sit. She even tried walking but with my support of course. She likes to stand and hold the edge of the table (with my support as well) Is it normal for her to skip certain milestones? Does any mummies experience this with their babies? Am i being too paranoid that she doesnt turn or flip or have tummy time like others? Sorry im a FTM & these things makes me worry everytime someone ask me if she started flipping or not 🥲#advicepls #firstbaby

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Have you tried tummy time on a pillow? I tried that at first before I put my then 3 mth old flat on the bed for a few mins, daily. He's 5 mths now and already turn over. But again, every baby is different and have their own phase. Some flip, some don't.

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for me okay lng po yan.....iba iba kc development ng baby ntin....wag po ntin hnapin ung gngwa ng ibang baby sa anak natin....as long as na healthy xia nothing to worry po.....