My Baby Kara

Thank you Lord for this blessing! EDD: 1/22/2020 ADD: 1/11/2020 Her name is KARA. It's nice to share this moment with you. Birth was via natural delivery. Story: On 1/10/2020, 6AM I felt cramps. Thought it was the same as the other day, I initially ignored it. I've kept track of its progress. The crumps on lower abdomen and pain on pelvic became intense as the time went by. Only bloody show and mucus plug presentation. We decided to go to hospital for an IE. 3CM pa by 9PM. My OB recommended sedation for me to sleep and take rest as we're waiting for cervix dilation to keep going. I woke up with so much pain and found out I was already at 7cm dilation (2AM). My OB just arrived in time for my epidural. Then after a while I'm already 10CM and ready to pop! My OB taught me how to push first then broke my water bag. After 16 minutes, my baby was out. (3:16AM) ? #AmazingGrace2020

My Baby Kara
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