Can we take folic acid and multivitamins together? Am at 7 weeks

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Folic acid yes, start as early as possible n take until week 12. For multivitamins are you referring to Obimin? Doc prescribed me Obimin during my first trimester check up but asked me to start only after week 12 (starting of second trimester) So there could be a reason. I have read on this app that some mommies had miscarriage when they took multivitamins in first trimester. Could be coincidence but better to be cautious than sorry. Each body is different so the best is get approval from your gynec before self medication. In my case I am additionally taking calcium supplements since the beginning and took Blackmore's pregnancy supplements in first trimester. Both after approval from gynec. Currently week 35 and I take Obimin, calcium, and fish oil

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At 7 weeks, you only need folic acid. When you reach week 12, you will stop folic acid and start on multivitamin. I suggest you consult your gynae; that will be the safest approach. Take good care and God bless you and baby.,

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Once you reach 12 weeks, gynae will ask you to stop Folic Acid and prescribe you with Obimin Multivitamins .. Obimin has Folid Acid (9mg) in it ..

Obimin pills.. soon your doc will ask you to take once daily. . it has both folic and multivitamins. we at 14weeks. Congrats and take care!!

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yes I have obimin pills but not sure if this can take with folic acid but I shall take folic acid first and I will check with gynae. thank you so much !

Most multivitamins has daily need of folic. check content of your multivitamin

Can. You can eat FA tgt with Obimin.

Yes you can

Yes can