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Doctor gave me obimin multivitamins, should I take it alone or can take with my folic acid?

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for what i remember. doctor ask me to start obimin and stop folic acid. i dun think need to take both tablet tgt. as obimin inside already got contain folic acid.

Obimin contain folic acid, hence, you can stop folic acid once you start obimin.


do check with your gynae.. mine told me to stop folic after first trimester..

You can finish the folic acid first then start on your multivitamin.

Dr said to stop folic when starting obimin as it contains folic

Take it alone as it already contains sufficient amount of folic

can take with folic acid, my gynae says not to waste it 😃

can take together. although obimin contains folic acid too

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No nd take folic acid once u start obimin

Folic acid can stop after 1sr trimester.