When do u all start buying items needed for the mother and baby? Other than folic acid, do u all take other supplements? Im at 14 weeks.

I heard folic acid will not be sufficient for first trimester. Isit too late to start taking other supplements at 14 weeks?

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I took folic acid and prenatal vits for first 12 weeks and after that gynae then add in calcium and fish oil...so 14 weeks to start taking other supplement is not too late :)

Take whatever the gynae prescribe cos they know best! Make sure you eat well because that’s where the best nutrients will come from. Can start buying when u see any sale!

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Gynae may prescribe multi vitamin, otherwise nutritional needs in the first trimester is not too high and can be met with diet

Gynae gave me multi-vits, calcium and fish oil. You should ask your gynae what you need :)

I took supplements according to gynae's order. Items I start buying at 3rd trimester.

Towards the end of my second Sem and the rest during the third semester

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Ur gynae will give u what u need. I don’t self medicate

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Gynae gave obimin. You can take maternal milk too


I took calcium n gnc fish oil n obimin

I take whatever my gynae prescribe