Noisy neighbours upstairs

Hi all, any suggestions to kerb with noisy neighbours upstairs? They have 3 or 4 kids and are running the whooooole day. From morning till night. Just keep running and running 😭 hardly even stop. Either they are running, or they drop stuffs on the floor, or the close the dlors loudly. I understand that kids are kids and there will be some running definitely. But they are running THE WHOLE DAY, EVERYDAY!! My hubby and I do not even have a moment of peace 😭 and baby sometimes got woken up by them during naptime/bed time. We have went up to speak to them nicely for a few times already and their reply was "ok sure" "ok will try". Recently, the kids ran and played till 2am on on of the days. 😭 Any idea what to do considering that we have already spoken to them nicely?

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