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I want to ask you. Lets say my kids running and stomping at hdb flat, will below neighbour hear???? Haissssss i cant control them stomping/running. I have already scold them alot of times. 😣😣😣😣😔😔

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my inconsiderate neighbors are all adults and they can't stop stomping day and night. sometimes it's like late night and I can hear someone doing exercises and lifting weights etc. it's so random so I couldn't capture anything. but I just want to say. it's the life of HDB if I got more money I'll move to a landed property or penthouse.

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Yeah, it happens with kids around. You can always take a visit to the neighbour downstairs and apologise first.. Let them know you have growing children and if they get too noisy, to inform u about it.. (instead of going to police etc)