Any suggestions to encourage my 1 year old to start walking ? He is like so comfortable crawling around and cruising too. But haven't seen him attempting to stand without holding on to something or attempting to walk

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Hi, It is fine. Let him crawl. My baby was also crawling when she was one and started walking only in her 14th month. I guess, we as parents are losing patience nowadays. I mean, why do you want to hurry into things. Let him take his time into walking. First he used to stay in the bed and then he started rolling and then started siting and then crawling, so did he not do it all? As long as there is no physical problem with the kid, they do and learn everything. When he will be bored of crawling and developed enough for walking, he himself will take support of bed corners, tables, walls and himself attempt to walk. So, do not worry at all. Enjoy his crawling instead of eyeing for what he will do next.

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