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Is it sufficient to use just warm water to handkerchief wipe down for newborn in first month? As baby seems too fragile to put in tub.. Please advise what did you mummies do for your newborn during 1st month bath time!

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Bath my girl in the morning (in a bathtub), about 30mins after feeding. I will carry her & wash her hair first than put her into the water slowly. I realised I can't bath her before milk as she will cry easily during her first month. Wipe her with warm water in the evening. Now that she is 4.5months, I can bath her first thing in the morning before feeding her and wipe her once in the evening. However when the weather is hot, we bath her twice at times.

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I did bathe baby in the tub from the 4th day onwards. Baby does seem fragile but my baby boy seem to gradually enjoy it and doesnt cry as the day goes. First month, he only bathe once in the morning. Second month onwards, twice a day. You will build up the confidence to bathe baby in tub the more u do it mummy. But nevertheless if u are comfortable with just wiping the baby, you do you mummy.

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it is sufficient from what you said actually haha i need to bath her if not she wont sleep well 🤦🏻‍♀️i bath my girl since nb. just support her neck and back. i try to be very careful bc she is so active even for nb haha she likes warm bathe and will cry if the temp is not 'up to her standard' LOL till now 3m+ old not much changes for bath routine, more active and cheeky 😝

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Actually the bath is really relaxing for them:) as long as you support baby well in the tub, it’s perfectly fine. They’re not too fragile to go in:) when my baby was younger, bathing after a feed was better as baby’s less cranky and could enjoy the bath.

For the first month, I used wet wipes and dunk them in warm water and gave him a wipe down especially the private parts area cos that's the dirtiest. After the umbilical cord dropped off then I put him in a tub to shower.

Should be sufficient. My girl like warm bathe in tub, well supported, got those mesh incline chair insert for the tub. My wife will sing and talk to her throughout the bathe. All these after feed though

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Need to support your nb also. Not place in tub. You can go youtube and search on how to bathe newborn or ask the nurse to teach u 😊

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Yry referring to the baby video on bathing your newborn by kkh on YouTube

i put water in a tub and wipe her with those smooth cloth for baby


Just need to support their neck