Sudocrem is it steroid cream? Can I apply on my son neck line cause it seem to be red and skin peeling?

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How old is your son? Is the cream prescribed for him? It sounds really strong and if it's not meant for your son, then best to avoid it for now. Anything with steroids sounds really strong and harsh. If the skin is peeling and red due to sun burn, may I suggest aloe vera gel -- it really soothes and help with sunburns. And most importantly, it is easy on young skin.

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6y ago

6 months old ~ this is not prescribe by doc and I Duno if it's steroid.

mummy you can try this daily : use cotton pad with warm water not too wet or dry wipe his neck then tap dry for every 1 to 2 hrs and apply aveeno ezcema cream each time after cleaning. Its very good for dry n sentitive skin and it really helps ... try not to use steroid cream if its is not very serious as the cream is really too strong for babies

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No, I don't think it is a steroid cream. You might want to try the nurturing cream at NAIF ( Full disclosure we brought the brand in from Netherlands because my son had eczema and this worked for him.

6mths old and their skin is really delicate... can try physiogel cream for yr bb...

you better have a doctor advice 6month is still very young for that cream.

Try applying aloe Vera gel instead? It works for my girl. :)