Stretch Mark Cream

Any stretch mark cream to recommend?

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There is alot of brands out there, I have tried, - palmers - cream, harder to apply - bio oil - more oily good if you have dry skin or itchy skin - clarins oil - more oily good if you have dry skin or itchy skin - A'kin - is rose hip oil, easy to absorb and is natural ingredients. Different people suits different types of oil, so you got to see what is your skin type and choose one you are comfortable with

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3y ago

Great. Will go try them. :) thank you for the advise. It helps.

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I used mustela anti-stretch mark cream for both pregnancies and so far so good. :)

this brand neals yard ,100% organic

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This oil very good.. I use this.

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I use clarins and elastin..

3y ago

U can try out at the store and feel the texture. Elastin I think they dont sell outside, I get it from my gynae. No samples to try too, I just bought upon gynaes recommendation n like it very much

Bio oil works for me.

I using rose hip oil

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Bio oil and palmers.

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bio oil and Palmers

mustela? bio oil