10weeks now.

Still having vomit and cramps. Sometimes i feel like nothing move at my stomach. Normal?

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10 weeks is definately too early for movements , most mummies feel it only at 20 weeks & if ur having nausea get urself the nausea meds frm gynae and if theres cramps its because ur womb is expanding to the baby's growth

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Usually after wk 18 then u will feel the movement but must depend on individual.

Baby too small to feel Normal Don’t feel well see gynae to check safest

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Normal but do consult your gynaecologist if you have any concerns

10 weeks is too early to feel any baby's movement. It's normal :)

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Normal. My nausea stop at wk15. Movement need to wait till wk20

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its still early for movements. wait till 20 weeks.

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10 weeks is too early for any movements.

I feel you 😭

Yes normal