2 months old not napping well

My son is turning 3 months tomorrow. He hasn't been napping well during his 2 months. He will stay awake from 4am plus till 7pm and perhaps take half an hour to 1 hour (combined) sleep in between. And babies at this age should be having 15 to 17 hours of sleep in total. He's not having much issue with sleeping at night and can sleep about 4 hours to 5 hours with 1 or 2 feeds. Can you advise me on how can I resolve his sleeping style? He hasn't been wearing swaddle daily since he turned 1 month because he dislike it and of his strength. But we introduced it back to him through the arms up swaddle when he turned 2 month old. He did rest better but still having issues with his afternoon naps. Additionally, I am guilty about the fact that there are occasions where there are unintentional loud voices (disagreement with parents) or noices (closing of dustbin lids) which have caused him to feel more frightened then ever. I even observed that he cried in his sleeps sometimes. I really wish I can think before I react that will cause him any psychological hurt but it's too late to amend.

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My LO suffered from the same symptoms as well so all these sound familiar to me! The PD told us it was some kinda sleep disorder ... We didn't do anything about it as we read that babies will naturally have a regular sleep pattern . so not to worry.