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At 9.5 months old, how many times a day should baby be on solid food? My baby still takes mostly pureed food. Occasionally will mash slightly thicker food for him like banana etc. He drinks only bm and sometimes doesn't seem interested in solid food, or eat very little. However, he's very interested in what we adults eat. Is this normal? Any tips on getting baby to eat more? Thanks!

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Try porridge/rice with soup with some seasonings powder? (Like Lilo baby’s chicken/fish powder) Alternatively, try BLW. My baby doesn’t like to be fed, she likes to pick food on her own (with varieties to choose from). Although slow but she will finish. By 9mo, my LO prefer more solid textured food than puréed food. And you mentioned he’s interested in adult’s food, can consider cooking the same except that don’t add salt/sugar to his portion, let him eat together and show him that you all are eating the same food.

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10mo ago

thanks, will try Lilo powder. it's been so challenging preparing food for my baby everyday.

My son is 11 months and im experiencing the exact same thing. No answer for this because i am worried too.