How to train toddler to sleep on its own

My son is 2 years old+ noww trying to let him sleep on its own but always sleep arounf 11-11.30 if i pat him it would be 10am how do uall train to sleep without patting etc

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Hi Mummy Fannie! It's great to know that you are interested in helping your little one to sleep on his own. Here are some helpful tips that you can try: We hope this helps! 😄

my boy is 25months, I let him sleep on his own since baby. I will give him milk 🍼 after bath, sometimes he will fall sleep after milk, if he didn't we will chit chat or sing till he fall 😴 by himself

2mo ago

9pm shower, if his afternoon nap at Childcare is short he will fall sleep by 930pm or else around 10pm

my big one will sleep by 10pm after milk.. and sleep till 7am during weekdays. weekends we let him sleep in till 8 plus