were you able to tell the gender of your unborn baby without an ultrasound?

sometimes we parents are excited to know the gender of the unborn baby. have you ever guessed your baby gender right? Some say if you carry high, it means you are having a girl.. or craving for salty food means you are having a baby boy. what signs that you experienced gave away the gender of the unborn baby? share your experience.

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my midwife and mum predicted im carrying a boy because my belly bujur and not round. at 32weeks my dr did scan and say it was a boy. some says if u kuat marah,its a girl. and also if u dont like ur husband or be around boys,then its a boy(hppn to me). and also i hate makeup or even bother to make myself look nice2.🤣 maybe its true maybe its not. there is no scientific explanations to it

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Most women said if its a baby girl they tend to eat more sweet foodsss!