feeding schedule for 8 months old

Can someone share your feeding schedule for 8 months old? Thanks

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Super Mum

I don’t have very fixed timings and quantities for my feedings.. lol.. but this is an example of what I feed in a day) Wake up Breast milk (direct latch) Play Breakfast (1 bowl of baby cereal, 1 bowl of yoghurt + prune puree, Gerber puffs, grapes) Nap Bath Breast milk Play Lunch (1 bowl of spinach and potatoes, 1 bowl of beef and vegetable casserole, 1 bowl of fruit puree, baby biscuits) Nap Breast milk Play Nap Breast milk Play Dinner (1 bowl of pasta with carrot puree/porridge, 1 bowl of fruit puree, baby bites, some fruit pieces) Play Breast milk Sleep (she wakes up to drink milk about 2x/night) Disclaimer: my daughter cannot drink a lot of milk at one shot. She takes 50-150ml each time and then she wants to stop. This is just personal preference, but we give her smaller portions of many different foods and textures at meal times, so she doesn’t get bored and she finishes everything. We’re cranking up our home baby food production. Haha. But for now, mixing it with storebought baby food.

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