Daily schedule for 6 months old baby

Hi mummies! Care to share your 6-9 months old baby’s daily sleep, nap and feeding (milk & solid food) schedule? Does your baby still wakeup for night feeding?

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My girl is on bm. She normally wake up fully around 8 to 9am. 1st meal of the day I latch her. 3 hour later which is lunch I will feed her solid food. 3.5 to 4 hour later bm all the way until her last feed before bed. She usually sleep around 8pm to 9pm. I will mix cereal with bm for her. Middle of the night will have 2 latch session. Eg. 9am - latch 12pm - solid food 4pm - bm 7pm - bm 10pm- bm mix cereal (usually will be fuller) 2am - latch 6am - latch

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No schedule. I feed on demand. Yes my bb sometimes still wakeup for night feed