Can someone please share pros and cons of using stainless steel baby bottles?

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I was so curious about it one time and so I asked the competitive sales lady in the mall. I learned the following cons: 1) they are unbreakable so you don't need to change it every time your baby throws tantrums and throws that bottle too! 2) efficient when you need to go out and keep your baby's milk or liquids hot or cold for a long period of time. Stainless steel bottles are usually thermal bottles. 3) they are recyclable and are the green way to go. However when I asked about the price here comes the cons: 1) they are way expensive than the normal plastic feeding bottles because you are paying for the technology or the innovative and chemical free products that are used to create them 2) heavier than normal bottles so baby might need to adjust about that. Ending: I just opted for chemical and BPA free plastic feeding bottle as I believe I'm still a traditional mom :D

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Stainless steel bottles are better than plastic bottles because of the ff reasons: 1. Chemical free; non-toxic 2. No need to sterilize; all you do is wash it with soap and vinegar My take about plastic bottles is that they release toxins that are harmful to babies. Although they are bpa free, they still contain other materials that are as harmful as bpa.

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Just found this online which I think will be a good read for any parents [and -to be]. The Ultimate guide to everything bottle feeding: :) Enjoy learning!

I haven't seen a stainless bottle. But, I'm pretty sure that one of the benefits of it is: Easy to clean. For the con, I'm also thinking that it's heavier than the normal plastic bottles.