Here are some tips and info about pregnancy: (based on experience) - If may nararamdaman po kayong slight pain and natigas ung tiyan niyo for a short period of time, that is probably false contraction or mas kilala bilang Braxton Hicks Contraction. Nararamdaman siya early on the 2nd semester of your pregnancy pero mas nagiging frequent siya on the 3rd semester. If nakakaexperience po kayo ng false contraction (it usually last 30 seconds-2 minutes) pero mawawala po siya if u try changing position and to know po na false contraction siya is wala po siyang pattern. It can occur any time of the day po. Nothing to worry about, very normal lang po yon.

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Thanks for sharing mommy💗 Maraming buntis ang ma-aaware sa Braxton Hicks Contraction.