Do u shave your pubic hair before a c section? Or let the nurse do so at the hospital before the procedure? I'm not so keen to shave if can avoid as it would cause itchiness at that area after that. Do share ur advice, suggestions or solution. Tks mummies!:)

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I had a c sect and was shaved a little - usually if u are not shaved they will shave for u for c sect - caz it will be easier to have the c sect and care for the wound later. If u decide to shave or wax, pls do it abt 1 wk before the D day so that in case there's any skin issues, u can give it ur attention first. I advise to just don't do anything, on the day itself, if ur hairline is high over there, then the nurse will shave a bit for u as per ur Gyne request

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Hi if you are having a c sect there is no need to shave at all. Mine was a c section and I wasn't shaved. Even for natural birth a lot of my friends did not have their pubic hair shaved. If you are worried about itchiness should you be shaved then buy those soothing lotion from the waxing parlour. Why don't you ask your Gynae first is there a need to shave? I don't think need to so don't worry k

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Yes i did not have a csec, also i practice shaving or waxing. You can try veet, hair removal cream or even go get a wax done. It's not as bad as what many think. Also if you may want to consider trimming instead then. That would help keep it neater as well :)

At Gleneagles, the nurse helped me shave at the c section line before the op. No big issue.