Cloth Diapering

??????? ????????? ????! ✨ This time it is from lovemamaph – Naughty Baby cloth diapers. Our first fluffmail was the yellow fitteds from Whimsy Filly. When I got pregnant I've been reading a lot about cloth diapers but I never had the guts to use them as early as day 1 since I am not confident about all the details – yet. Like what all the other mommas say, "you'll never know unless you try it." If you think that purchasing disposable diapers will save you more rather than investing on cloth diapers then, you may have to think again later. It may not be as convenient as throwing them after poo or wee but it is highly environment-friendly and gives you less risk of rashes for your little one. We'll be trying out different brands as well, so on my next posts I will let you know my thoughts and how-tos when it comes to cloth diapers. VISIT AND LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE AT

Cloth Diapering
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