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Sino po dito ang nag start pakainin si baby ng solid food at 4months old? Our pedia recommended to try and introduce some solids kay lo po kasi. thank you

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Most recommended age to start solids po is at 6 months old. Earlier than this may present problem later on with the child's health - diabetes, obesity, etc. Baby's digestive system is also not yet developed to process food other than milk before 6 mos. Please research articles about this po. Our pedia says that it is best to depend on reliable research which is at 6 months. Tho others opt to start early, they will take the risk this could present to the baby.

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Untrue. 6 month is only recommended by WHO but It's not necessary. You can actually start at 4 months depending on the sign of readiness of the baby. In other countries they usually start giving solid at 4 months old. Her pedia already gave suggestion depending on the health of her baby. Stop fear mongering.

Yung samin naman 5 months po siya pinayagan ng pedia mag solid foods, depende po kasi if nakikitaan na siya ng signs na kaya na niya kumain.

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Normally 6 months old onwards po talaga pag introduce ng solid food pero it's okay mommy kung nirequest na sya ng pedia ni baby.

4-5mos tumitikin na ng kanin at sabaw baby ko. wala naman kaming naging problema 😚😚 magkakaiba po ang mga bata hehhe

depende po sa baby yan momsh..pero mas maganda 6 months n po para sure..

kami po now 4 months and 20 days nag cerelac po

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pinakain ko ng 6 months na

at 6 months na po