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Sino nakakaranas ng heartburn dito?? 5 months na tyan ko, Anu pwedeng gawin para mawala, ty fTM

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LEMON WATER Pregnancy is an enormously important phase in the life of women. This is the phase where maximum care is required because a new life is nurtured inside the women. Some people have myth related to the drinking of lemon juice during this phase that whether is it safe to have it during pregnancy? Well, answer to it is surely a big YES. Drinking lemon juice is quite beneficial to pregnant women because of the following reasons: Good for the growing embryo: Lemon juice is rich in potassium. Thus, consumption of lemon juice by pregnant women helps in the proper development of bones of the growing embryo. High antioxidants amount: Lemon is rich in antioxidants. Thus, consumption of it makes both the pregnant and growing embryo healthy i.e. free from diseases. Increases hydration: Consumption of a glass of lemon juice makes the body hydrated. Thus, it rejuvenates the body. Decreases the problem of acidity: Heartburn is reduced to a great extent by consuming a glass of lemon juice both in the early morning and the sleeping time. Relieves morning sickness: Drinking lemon juice reduces the problem of nausea as it eases the function of the bile. Reducing the blood pressure: Lemon juice helps in reducing the hypertension problem naturally, however, persistent problem of high blood pressure should always be consulted with a good doctor. Reducing the elevated cholesterol level: Drinking lemon juice regularly helps in maintaining the right level of cholesterol in the blood. Acts as an immunity booster: Lemon is rich in Vitamin C, which is quite an important vitamin for boosting the immunity. Thus, having it regularly makes an individual resistant to diseases. Eases the bowel movement: Regular consumption of lemon juice eases the bowel movement of the pregnant woman, thus she is relieved from the problem of constipation. Helps in the uterine contractions at the time of labor: Unbearable uterine contractions at the time of labor lessens down by the regular consumption of lemonade. Reducing the problem of swollen feet: With each progressing day of the pregnancy, the weight of the pregnant woman increases, thus, the problem of varicose veins becomes quite common. Consumption of lemon juice since the beginning of the pregnancy helps in giving relief to this problem. Relieve from other ailments: The pregnant women are at high risk for diabetes, increased thyroid etc, and consumption of lemonade during this phase increases immunity to these problems too. Regular consumption of lemon juice by pregnant women increases the amount of magnesium in the blood. Reduces dental caries: Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C. It helps in proper dental growth too. These are the overall benefits of consuming lemon juice. But there are certain pregnant women, who are allergic to lemon juice in one way or the either. Thus, if such pregnant women show any minor allergic reaction, then it should be consulted to their obstetrician.

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nung preggy ako i was taking gaviscon check up kapa din po kay ob kung pwede pero ako po un ininom ko for heartburn 2x/day

Fisrt time ko na experience at 7 months, try mo kumain ka saging momsh, effective naman sya sakin.

Me! 😢😢😢 35 weeks reseta sakin gabiscon

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gaviscon po reseta sakin ni doc