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Any single mom went for a date with divorce man (with no child). How was your date during first time. How you feel about it. What are the 'do's and 'dont' questions? I m abit nervous as he approached me n gave me his no. After my divorce I am not in relationships for almost 3 years. I don't know if I m ready or not. I don't mind going for a coffee date. Just confused. Hoped to hear from some mummy from your experience. Greatly appreciate.

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Yes me & it's been 16 years. Married to the same man and will be welcoming our 4th child soon ☺️ I was going through a bitter divorce when I met him. Like you, he also gave me his number. He was single and have never been married. I was contemplating whether I should send him a text cos at that time, I really hated men. I told my sis should I give it a go or not and she said give it a try who knows he might be the one & so I did. We went for our 1st date. A movie date & subsequently went for our 2nd. On the 2nd, I told him that I was a single mum of 1. He was shocked cos I looked young but he didn't mind. We became friends @ first. He waited for me for quite long until I agree to be his gf and we continued dating for almost 2 yrs before we got married. He does not need to know the reason behind your divorce but it'll be good to tell him why you are not ready into a relationship yet. If he really likes you, he'll wait and don't mind to be friends first. And the most important thing is, he has to accept your child and treat him/her like his own. If the relationship is good, bring along your child for an outing together. From there you will see how he treats your child. Wishing you all the best!

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Haven’t been in this situation but wanted to wish you the best of luck! Have fun!