Should not promote any supplements to preggers. why? 1) Some mommy have health isue such as GDM ANEMIA, PREECLAMPSIA. Any supplements / multivitamins that didnt prescribe by the hospital / clinic should need consultation FIRST! U as sales promoter didnt even know the health condition of the Mommy. U r depending on self experience n testimony. No medical report to be accurate. The medical field officers had been ban to sells those kind of products. clearly u r not the medical expertise. So please stay away from them! Even the HB low preggers have different type n dose of iron booster supplied by the Clinic / hospital depend on their condition. 2) Extra supplements & multivitamins are NOT NEEDED by preggers due to hormonal changes and the excessive product contents it self. Unless recommended by your doctors / gynae. p/s: Dear Mommy, consume fresh fruits is enough. Eat clean + control your food intake. listen to your body. Anything u eat should be in moderate portion. #SorryButNotSorry

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Tulis jawapan

agree with this 2000%..

2y ago

yeah.. cant agree more.. i hope more mommy out there will realise the fact that health is wealth. Extra doesnt always means good.

Thanks for sharing sis

2y ago

no biggie mommy..🤗. health is wealth💜💜