GDM. Diabetic in Preg.

Should I worry about my GDM? Doctor insist I meet a dietician as well as monitor sugar closely. He is scaring me with stillbirth. He kind of telling me that I may need to csect at and cannot wait to 40 weeks. I want to go for VBAC and he just crushed my hopes. I don’t even think my diebetic is very high as it’s 4.3 using the machine. His readings was via blood.. and it’s confusing to read and understand.

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I’m confused. I got GD too but during my glucose test, my 2 hrs postmeal glucose level is more than 10. 4.3 is considered low. From what I know the risk of GD is giving birth to a hypoglycaemia baby and could be dangerous as the Low blood sugar might hold your baby at NICU. However you still can reverse the condition with a strict diet

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Test machine also via blood rite? Usually its accurate.. GdM is a serious issue but as long as u stick to whatever ur eating as per advised and keep everything under control, u shud stay positive n not worry too much ok