Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Does anyone experience GDM during pregrancy? I’m currently on 25 wks and found out that I have GDM and need to go through several test such as following the blood sugar monitoring closely. Will it recover during the pregnancy or need to wait till give birth?

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I could b GD or Diabetes before pregnancy. In any case i was tested on week 20 and have been referred to endocrine doctor since there. Close monitoring of blood sugar, pricking 6 times a day. Now my monthly avg has reduced, my urine test at gynae is also ok. I believe the endocrine doc would have advised you to split n eat into more meals? I found blueberries seem to be a good choice of fruit thou! And yes, i recently spoke to my endocrine doctor and she mentioned that there would be a glucose test after 6 wks post delivery to c it is clear. Take care!

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U wait till postpartum ard 6 wks n go for a retest to see if you’re clear of it anot