Should I stop breastfeeding as my son was born with smooth skin and during that time I do breastfeed him but after he was 4 months he has cradle caps whole head and red rashes which I see doctor and Doctor said that he got eczema , my mum said that it might be bcos of drinking my breastmilk as I anyhow eat and now baby got eczema.

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Breastfeeding is a personal choice. But, if the reason is due to your 'anyhow eat' diet and hence cause your baby to have eczema, then please please please don't stop breastfeeding for that reason. Consult your paediatrician or doctor to see if there's any medical basis for it first. A mummy produces breastmilk like a leech, which means it'll obtain the necessary nutrients from the mummy to produce the best concoction of breastmilk for the baby at that development stage. If in the event that you 'anyhow eat', then you as the Mummy will suffer and not the baby because your body will just take whatever nutrients they need from you to produce milk. You need to 'replenish' the nutrients through your diet. It's only in instances where the mother is malnourished will the baby be impacted. At the end of the day, it is easy to blame others and find all sort of reasons when something happens. But, the reasons may not be the right ones most the time. It is more important to find a resolution. Check with PD on the possible causes for your baby's eczema and what's the recommended treatment. Hope he'll recover soon.

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6y ago

Pd said is gene cause me and husband got skin problem, I actually got heat rashes but after I give birth it's gone and my husband has very dry skin on his head~

Oh no please do not stop bfing! It’s partially true that whatever you consume might trigger some episodes of eczema especially if some members of the family have that but what the pd advised and i did was to eliminate certain foods from my diet. Shellfish, seafood, eggs, peanuts. Did that for two weeks before seeing improvement and then slowly introducing them back into my diet. Mommy will have to give up some food for your lo but i’d rather do that than give up bfing totally!

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most of the baby have cradle cap issue. its normal. mine even have it at her eyebrow. she is fully breastfeed until 20 months old. my family is full of praise of how good breastmilk is. if baby have eczema, probably just monitor what kind of food u taking in and try to avoid it. breastmilk has antibiotics in it and its good for baby . WHO had recommend mothers to breastfeed for 2 years and above. So i guess listening to WHO is the best. *WHO - world health organisation

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My 4 month-old-baby is on formula and she has the same thing. So breastfeeding or not might not make any difference. As long as it’s not life or death situation, you don’t need to stop breastfeeding. It’ll pass.

Your diet definitely will affect your baby through your milk supply! My advice is to eat well, eat healthy, and also, to avoid common triggers such as cow's milk, peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish.

If it's genetics, then hopefully he'll outgrow it. Breastmilk has nothing to do with it. Continue to offer him if you can until the day comes that you wish to stop for other reasons. Jia you!

Breastfeeding not related to Ur concern don't worry keep feeding him. Wat doctor will suggest follow those

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should try to continue bf as much as possible. more probably due to genetics vs diet. take care 😘

Breastfeeding does not cause skin condition. If anything, it is better for your son

Btw, just to let u know . the food u take doesnt cause cradle cap .

6y ago

bring your mum to pd along. cradle cap is not caused by the food u take .however ezcema, u got to take note of the food u take