Should I give cow's milk to my 3 month old?

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Nope, wait till he reach 1 y/o. Because cow milk is hard for his immature kidney to process, and also contains less iron than breast milk or formula milk. If you can keep on breastfeeding, pls do so. Even if you cannot direct latch, you can pump it and use bottle. But if your yield is really really low, or some other problems, you can ask someone else to nurse your baby or donate her milk to your baby to consume. This ensure your baby still gets the best milk,which is breast milk. if you insist of changing, formula milk is better than cow milk. At age of 3 months, your baby kidney is not well develop to process cow milk and may lead to other health conditions such as anemia. This link can help you understand more:

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Typically, regular cow's milk is introduced when a baby is one year old. Breast milk is the best option for your baby for now as your body will produce the required nutrients your baby need for growth and development. It is often recommended that a baby to be fed breast milk till he/she is at least 6 months old.

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Hi, please exclusively breastfeed ur baby for 6 months. Also, cow's milk is not recommended to babies till one year of age. Infant formula milk contains more iron and vitamins than cow's milk, and is the better alternative to breastfeeding for the first year if needed.

Nope, if you are no longer breastfeeding you should go for formula milk. Cow's milk is not recommended for children under 1 yr old as they are unable to process the milk and the nutrients may not be enough. Cows milk also has bacterias that may be harmful to your baby

there is no or very little iron found in cow's milk. if you provide cow's milk to your 3MO, he will suffer from anemia.