Should i allow my 3 wk old baby sleep alone in his cot and in his own room? Or should a caregiver sleep with him in the same room?

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It depends what you're comfortable with - like what Elisia says, some parents prefer co-sleeping (or at least in the same room) while others let their kids sleep in their own room from newborn. For me, we've been co-sleeping since day 1 - and he's 25.5 months old now. And yes, I'd agree that it keeps him more secured and it also allows me to attend to his needs as soon as I can - there also have been studies who found that co-sleeping reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) too :) We started off on a sofa bed and switched to spring mattresses on the floor when he learnt how to roll (he fell once at night while rolling in his sleep and that was enough for us to change our bed), and recently changed to foam mattresses because the springs were getting worn out and he loved playing on the bed. We connect two super single mattressed together with a king sized bedsheet and there's no fixed boundaries like pillow or bolster separation between us - but he has his own area and he can also roll over to mine anytime he wants :)

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