Sleeping thru the night

Can you share when you LO STTN (Sleep through the night)? Is LO sleep-trained? If yes, what method did you use? If no, how does LO goes to sleep?

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My LO usually drink lesser during the night since 1 month old, 60ml per night feed whereas her morning intake is 120ml. Suddenly, she stopped taking night feeds when she turns 2 months for two to three days, then night feed for 2 days then no more night feeds till now, and she is turning 3 months in 2 weeks. So far no more night feeds unless she doesn't burp during her last feed to sleep through the night.

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First time about 4 mo. Fed formula milk that night. Scared me when its day break already when she had not woke up in the night.


I let my Lo sleep by herself. By till date 13 month haven sttn.