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Can share how much to give for first and last ang bai for confinement nanny? Thanks.

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I gave 150 for the first time and then in the last I gave 250. Becuase she was very caring and good at her job

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First angpow is $20 and last angpow is $50 to $100 depending on how good u think CL’s performance is. :)

I gave like 58 for the last one but she did a horrendous job. That’s the max I’d give her lol

We gave $128 for first, and $400 for last cos she did an amazing job!

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We gave $50 for 1st and $150 for last becos she does a good job!

$50 first angbao. Last day depend on her work and decide.

$100 to $150 depends on how close is the relationship

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i didnt kno 1st day CL also need to give ang bao leh!

If own mil or mum? Isit better to give a token too?

First day I gave 20 Last day I gave 50