can you share the birth control method. facing any side effect

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The pill is pretty good, but if you go to the polyclinic they'll ask you a lot of questions and waste your time, go to a GP and it'll be much smoother. Side effects may be weight gain and mood swings, but best to check with your doctor first

I am taking pill but can't sleep well at night and sometime will have headache problem too. Not much others problem but I know from my doctor say that some ppl gain weight, bad memory and depression. Lucky I dont have that all.

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I had IUCD for 3yrs and it was all good. I don't experience menses cramps and my period comes for like 4days max. side effects is different for each ppl. some ppl cn take it very well while others their body may reject it.

Better way is doing in safe period days Next best option is to use condoms For longer period birth control use copper t It's best to avoid oral pills.

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I tried Implanon. Very painful to insert and take out but I know it’s most effective and least side effects for me.

Taking Yasmin pills. Feels like vomiting sometimes, but v good skin complexion. No weight gain issue.

I guess the side effects depends on individual. I will tend to have yeast infection.

I did ligation and found that it is kind of dry after dat. Desire has dropped a lot too.

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Condoms is much more preferable as there is no side effects to it

we are using condoms because no side effects ..