Hi.. it seem that my baby girl is having less milk for the past few days. She was having about 150 ml per feed per 3 hours but last few days, it dropped to 80ml or less per feed despite dragging for longer hours. We have since changed back the teat back to number 1 where we have been using number 2 for 2 weeks.

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Yes, sometimes could be the teats as the flow would affect the appetite of the baby too. Pls monitor and see how. If she is more comfortable with #1 teats, u can still use it and change gradually.

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5y ago

Ok will monitor. Thanks Venessa mummy!

It's generally alright unless prolonged. Change the teats if needed if u see that yr girl struggling to suck out the milk. No significant weight loss, it's fine

5y ago

Have change the teat back to no 1. lo need to adjust again..thanks Daniel daddy!