Scenario:- you are in ur car with ur kids. Husband is driving. Suddenly a car from behind overtakes ur car without signal rather rashly. As the car passed by, u all notice it's a lady driver. Husband huffs angrily and says" woman driver.!!... but naturally...". Kids start to laugh and husband joins in. How do u react? What's your emotions about what's being taught unwittingly to ur kids?

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I know, this is so typical of our families. Though, we can all try not to do such conversations in front of kids or otherwise but this mindset will take centuries to change still. You know, the stereotypes are not easy to change. And not only men, even women add to it. I remember, once I was driving and my sister was sitting beside me when a car ahead of us moving at a decent speed suddenly put brakes and stopped. I managed to saved ourselves from banging just by a whisker. Just then my sister said, "Must be some woman." Though, the person came out to be a woman but this is how we form preconceived notions. That was just a coincidence that she was a woman but yes it does happen. All I can say is do not have such conversation in front of kids as they too will grow up forming prejudices in their lives.

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what to say here - it's a sad situation, one that almost all males and even some females resort to. i think you should keep reiterating the fact that both male and female drivers are careful and careless, and that it has nothing to do with gender, but is all about how well someone has learned driving and how well they know how to follow rules.

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Ask your husband not to set a wrong example in front of the kids. The kids should be gender sensitive and never be biased. Sometimes it happens unintentionally as few things are deeply embedded in our roots. You should also teach your kids not to think that women should behave in a certain way or that they can't do certain things.

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6y ago

it's not my husband who did that. I was traveling with my friend. her husband had done that...

so sad and yet so common. almost all guys i know, including my husband, do the same, and even in front of kids. i'd say talk to him and tell him not to teach such gender biased and stereotypical examples to kids, but i am not really sure people understand that.