Cycling After Birth

It is safe to start cycling? Im at 6 weeks pp/normal birth with stitches. Gynae checked and gave a green light that im ok and can start to do exercise. Not sure about cycling...

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Super Mum

Might get a little painful down there if you’re on the bicycle for too long. Although the stitches have healed.. the scar takes a while for feel completely normal again..try riding for a short distance first, perhaps?

Hi, If doctor has recommended then should be okay but also be sure your self as well as you know your that your body has completely healed or not

should be ok if gynae gave the green light. but u know your body best. if you have doubt, then maybe wait a while more

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Varies between individuals but if you feel OK should be fine(:

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Yes, if your doc said ok, it should be fine


Should be ok