Is it safe to get a manicure/pedicure done while breastfeeding? And what about gelish and shellac?

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Having medicure and pedicure done is fine during breastfeeding as nothing goes into our bloodstream. However, if you are bringing your lo along, then it is not advisable cos of the smell. May not be very harmful but towards a young infant, i wouldn't suggest. Once a while we go for such services i feel it's good.

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Personally i feel that it is ok. I also did Gelish Manicure and Pedicure during my bfing journey and until now. So far, kids are all ok. I think so long as don't do it too often and so long as chemicals are not going into our bloodstream, it shd b ok. I do my medicure and pedicure on an average about 2-3 mths

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It’s not. Your manicure could crack and stick to your breast area when you’re doing breast massage. Would be bad if baby accidentally eat the small cracked pieces

I think that's okay, I mean if you really have to do it... Just don't bring the baby because of the smell

its perfectly fine been there done that and still got it 🥰

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It is safe for both phase