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Is it right for working husband to ask for grocery money from wife who is not working?

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i think you need to elaborate more haha in my case , ive not been working for 4months so ive no income. yet my partner ask from me bc he gave me his salary to handle and most of it is used for bills so if not enough, i will then topup with my savings for anything. ofc if he didnt give me any money in the first place, ill ask him where it all went to. but i probably know for house and bills payments 😬

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Generally not right for working husband to ask from wife. However, if working husband has really drained up on savings and had always given wife an allowance in the past, they should live through this difficult time together as a couple, and wife should fork out a bit from her savings too.

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Super Mum

Mmm.. that would be quite odd. Haha. I can’t identify with that because my husband and I have a joint account.. but in your case, I would gently ask him where the salary went to

Why would he ask for grocery money from a non working wife? Shouldn't he be the one giving the wife the money? Perhaps shd ask him where his money goes to..

It’s odd cos wife not working = no income. Sheesh

Is it because he gave all his money to his wife?

Hmm I can’t wrap my head around this :(

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no. not working no income..

that sounds just wrong?

Sounds wrong to me