Our relationships are getting worse once baby is born. There are lots of arguments on how to take care child and living issues such as housework and finance. I found that our thinking is not aligned. Some more mil is staying with us. Everytimes I blames on him. Mil will help him to solve it. In the end I will be speechless. I married to him but not married to his family. I have a thought to get divorce with him several times. But looking at my baby, I can't be so selfish. I'm coming from broken family I don't wish my baby same as me. I have talked to him few times but he feel I always mumbling. I cant bear it. What should I do?

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Good communication is always key, have you ever voiced out these concerns to your hubby? Be honest, after all, if he does not know what you are going through and feeling, he won't know how and what to fix :)